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This week, Google launched a new product called Tips, which gently eases newcomers into the features of Google’s many free online products. In fact, even some Google experts might learn a new thing or two using Tips.

Google Tips is a lightweight site that uses clean and simple info cards to show you the features of Google’s library of free software – including Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, and others.

For example, one card might show you how to easily send a video to your friends and family using Gmail, without worrying if it’s too big for an email attachment. Clicking the card will show you how to attach it with Google Drive, the company’s free cloud storage service.


Another card might show you how to customize your photos on Google Plus, use YouTube like a jukebox, keep all of your documents synced to Google Drive, or simply get customized headlines from Google News.

Even though it’s currently only available in the desktop space, it’s a helpful and user-oriented guide to the cooler core features of Google’s products. Definitely give it a look — you can even submit your own tips!


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