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For the past year, we’ve learned a lot about the nature of Google Glass, but Google has been relatively quiet about their expansion plans. More specifically, we knew Google was working on a solution for spectacle-sporting users who want to use Glass, but we didn’t know if the giant was going to partner with manufacturers, or at what cost.

As it turns out, the company is going it alone and manufacturing its own variety of frames for use with your prescription lenses. And of course, these frames will hover the Glass tech just above your right eye, as the Explorer edition users have been experiencing for months.

Split. Thin. Bold. Curve.


These are the stylistic yet simple names Google has dubbed the four frames in its Titanium collection. This set of frames has been designed with Google Glass in mind, and comes at a cost that’s not too high-end, but certainly not cheap: $225. And that’s in addition to the already $1500 Google Glass hardware, which means you’re looking at a $1725 investment in augmenting your reality.

You can get the frames starting today.

If you already own Glass, then you can simply attach it to one of these new frames – just remember to have your lenses cut properly first (by either your own doctor or one of Google’s “preferred eye-care professionals”). And since these frames are designed inherently for Glass, The Verge points out that they wouldn’t make great frames without Glass, since one stem is shorter than the other to hold the hardware.

The video below showcases the new frames in action, and it might sway those with an extra $1800 lying around to finally take the leap.

I think Google Glass works much better aesthetically with sunglasses as compared to transparent lenses, but what do you think?

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