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Announced as a feature last year and made available to Chrome beta users earlier this year, Google’s voice-based, hands-free search function “OK Google” is now available to all Chrome users. The feature has been more inclusive on the latest Android devices, but more recently has been working its way into the browser.

To get it, all you have to do is update Chrome.

“OK Google” works pretty simply. When you open a new tab or open the Google homepage directly, you’ll be able to speak your search query immediately into your microphone or webcam. In some cases, such as if you search for “Google,” your results will be read back to you over your speakers.

As of now, the only currently supported language appears to be English, but knowing Google, that could very well change soon or down the road in Chrome’s development.

To ensure that you have the latest version of Chrome, simply navigate to the settings/preferences page and select the ‘Help’ tab on the left-hand side. Chrome will either auto-update on that page, or inform you that you’re currently running the latest version.


To learn more, check out the company’s announcement of the update on Google Plus, or on the Google Chrome blog.


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