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Google has been offering their flagship Nexus smartphone in white for the greater part of the year, first stuffing the virtual shelves with the Nexus 4 with a in a limited run of white models and more recently with the white Nexus 5. Well it appears that Google has decided to take their new affinity towards the color white even further with the release of a new white Nexus 7, which was announced today on the official Google Nexus Twitter account. The new White Nexus 7 is available exclusively in the 32GB Wi-Fi configuration – sorry, fans of the 16GB and LTE models alike.


Google’s not saying exactly how limited this run is or if it’ll be sticking around a little bit longer than the white Nexus 4 did, but if you’re so inclined to grab one of these you can do so now from the Google Play Store assuming that you live in the United States, somewhere in the United Kingdom, or Japan. Shipping times appear to be holding up quite well with an estimated 1 – 2 shipping days, however knowing how much people love the Nexus lineup things could be a little constrained by the end of the day.

Interested? Head on over to Google Play and order yours; it costs the same $269 as the Black 32GB Nexus 7, and looks particularly classy in its new white back.

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