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Google and LG are getting a little closer, as today the companies today announced a ten-year global patent licensing deal. That means that over the next decade, neither company should have to jump over hurdles to license patents filed or owned by the other, which should hopefully result in some exciting new innovations in the world of consumer electronics.

Google’s deputy general counsel for patents Allen Lo had this to say on the occasion:

“We’re pleased to enter into this agreement with a leading global technology company like LG. By working together on cross-licenses like this, companies can focus on bringing great products and services to consumers around the world.”

Lately, LG has taken something of a lead position as one of the foremost OEM partners with Google, being the only company so far to produce two smartwatches running the new Android Wear operating system. LG also made the Nexus 5 smartphone, which is only now being usurped as Google’s flagship handset by Motorola’s Nexus 6.

Interestingly, Google and Samsung entered into a similar deal almost a year ago, and since then the relationship between those two companies has cooled considerably. In recent months, Samsung has been pushing its own operating system, Tizen, onto all but one of its smartwatch devices. It’s also set up its own proprietary app store for Samsung-made phones, looking to cut Google out of the revenue its users would pony up from buying new apps on their Android phones.

Will a similar situation arise between Google and LG now that they’ve signed an agreement? I doubt it, mainly because LG seems at least somewhat more measured in its approach to releasing products than Samsung. LG might view its relationship as Google as mutually beneficial, rather than Samsung’s apparent feelings that Google is holding them back from achieving some sort of mobile empire.

It’ll be interesting to see what developments come from collaborative efforts between Google and LG. Maybe we’ll see a Nexus Android Wear device soon…

[Google and LG Enter Into Global Patent License Agreement]

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