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Yes, I am one of the people in the world that has a PC and a Mac in my household and constantly move between both for different files and documents.  I know that there is a better way, but haven’t exactly had the time to research a solution.  GoodSync 9, by Siber Systems, not only allows you to  seamlessly sync between a Mac and a PC, but also with popular cloud drives such as Amazon Cloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Google Drive.

GoodSync 9, which was released February 2012, automatically synchronizes and/or backs up all of you photos, music, contacts, emails and other files between all of your computers, servers and hard drives.  It also features “GoodSync Connect,” which allows you to connect two or more computers directly without having to use (and pay for) an online storage service to store files.  If you have more than one computer on the same local network, you can sync files between those computers without having to purchase a GoodSync license for each computer.  GoodSync Connect also lets users sync between computers that aren’t on the same local network by connecting via the Internet.

When you open up GoodSync for the first time, it will have you set up an account.  If you want to sync or backup files between computers, you need to set up GoodSync Connect on both computers.  You will then be prompted to set up your first “job” or sync.  The overall layout looks very similar to FTP programs I have used in the past, such as SmartFTP or FileZilla, with the main window set up with left and right panels that point to destinations for each job.

You can then choose to sync or backup files.  Syncing them means that any changes made to one of the files within the folder will be reflected on both sides, regardless of which folder you made the change in.  Backup will copy a folder’s contents from one side to the other.  If you delete something from the main folder, it won’t automatically be updated in the backup folder, but the backup folder will look for new files that haven’t already  been copied over.


Once you’re on the main screen, you select a destination to bring up the “Choose dialog box,” which gives you a list of computers that are available for syncing.  You can then choose the computer you want to sync with and the directories or files you wish to sync.  You click “analyze” to see a list of files that will sync, and click “sync” to sync the files.

While this may sound easy enough, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the verbiage and syncing between two computers.  For example, an empty circle means that the file exists, while a green circle means that a file needs to be created.  I had to crack open the manual a few times to check on some processes and definitions, but overall, GoodSync is definitely worthwhile for people who need to keep files and folders identically matched.  The GoodSync Desktop for Windows version will cost you $29.95 and the Mac version will cost you $39.95.

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