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Do you use Gmail as a universal email inbox? Or do simply want a nicely formatted email signature? Well, after a lot of waiting, Google has finally made improvements to the signature feature of their web-based email client. These improvements are somewhat basic, but their subtle introduction to Gmail has made the service that much more amazing.

When you access your signature settings from the “General” tab of the “Settings” window, you will probably notice that instead of the plain text box that you used to see when editing your default signature, you see will now see a rich text box. This box now allows you to format your signature to your liking with bold, italic, and underline settings, as well as the options to set font size and insert images and hyperlinks. This is great if you want to include a logo or a hyperlink to your website as part of your email signature.

While rich text formatting is awesome within itself, Gmail has also introduced the option to use a different signature for each of your outbound mail accounts. For example, if you have your personal Gmail account configured to be able to send mail as your work account, you will find that the new and improved signature settings allow for you to have a different signature for your work account than you would for your personal.

Once you have your new signature or signatures set up, it’s simply a matter of using the “Compose Mail” window to create a new message sporting your new and improved email signature. If you have differentiated different signatures for different outbound addresses, simply pull down the “From” menu and select the correct account. From there, Gmail will update your signature accordingly.

While these are somewhat basic features, I’m definitely glad to see their addition to Gmail, as this small change makes it that much easier for multi-taskers and those involved with multiple organizations, etc to help make sending professional email a simplistic task.

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