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Buying for mom can be tough.  Men always go for the old reliables: pajamas, slippers, bath salts, and vacuum cleaners…but what we really want is gadgets that make our lives easier.  Here’s a list of some gadgets that the moms on your shopping list are going to love:

TrellieTrellie:  If you are like me, your phone is at the bottom of your purse and, as a result, you frequently miss important calls (like picking up your child from a soccer game that got out early…oops!)– enter the “Trellie.”  It’s a fashionable, ultra-simple, handbag accessory that notifies you of an incoming (or missed) call through bright flashing LED lights.  It connects with your smartphone via bluetooth and clips on the side of your bag.  No more missed calls, no more missed emergencies.  Comes in silver or gold; $49.99.

iPad Mini:  Who doesn’t want Apple’s latest new toy?  It is so cute and can easily pop in your purse on the go.  The mini runs the same intuitive operating system as its bigger brother (and little cousin, the iPhone) does, but it’s cheaper and fits in one hand. Sure, there are more affordable tablets, but few are as easy to use for e-mail, photos, Web browsing, consulting a digital cookbook, and of course, reading magazines.

Sticknfind-shoesStickNFind: Running out the door and can’t find your car keys, remote, diaper bag, purse…you name it!!??  Well, StickNFind is a way to find anything via your smartphone.  Just stick one of the StickNFind stickers to anything (they are 0.16 Inches thin) and download the app.  Select the Sticker on the radar screen and track it. You can even press a button to make it buzz, flash, or do both.  Once you have located a StickNFind Sticker you would like to find on your Radar Screen, you start walking in a specific direction, and see if you are getting closer or further from the blue dot on your Radar Screen.  They even have a buzzer and light, so that you can find your tagged items in the dark.  Two per pack for $49.99.

Powerocks Portable Charger:  Are you sick of your smartphone dying in the middle of the day when you need to make that important call or check that text?  Fear no more… The Powerocks Magicstick 2600mAh is easy to carry around with you; it’s only slightly larger than a lipstick tube. The device lets you completely charge most smartphones twice; it comes with a micro-USB connection cable and a velvet carrying bag.  Comes is a number of colors and retails for $39.99.  A slightly larger 2800mAh version is also available for $10 more.

If someone got me any of these things, I would be a happy mom ;)

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