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At this point, it seems like something of an open secret that Samsung’s next flagship handset, the Galaxy S6, will feature an “Edge” variant, where the display tapers down to provide a new kind of user interface. However, a new report out of Bloomberg confirms that not only will the Galaxy S6 Edge taper its display on both sides – creating a “three-sided screen” – but both handsets will apparently be encased in metal bodies, a huge step up in materials for Samsung’s mobile efforts.

According to the report, the Galaxy Note Edge that was released late last year was something of a surprise hit, which could be fueling Samsung’s current plans to not simply expand the Edge line, but to double down on the concept and put an edge on both sides of the phone.

The dual-tapered Galaxy S6 Edge may look something like this.

Additionally, the report’s confirmation that the Galaxy S6 will sport metal bodies should silence critics of Samsung’s past reliance on plastic bodies, which many have criticized as feeling cheap and non-premium. Indeed, if Samsung wants consumers to desire its products, it needs to build something desirable – and an all-metal body is definitely one great way to make that happen.

It’s all pretty exciting, at least for those of us to follow smartphone happenings closely. Samsung has seen its mobile fortunes decline in recent months, and, to be perfectly frank, most smartphone designs are merely minor variations on a constant theme. You’d be hard pressed to find a handset that isn’t essentially a plain rectangle with a big screen and maybe a couple of buttons here and there. The curved phones from LG and Samsung were an interesting twist, but seemed much more like sizzle rather than steak.

You’d also be forgiven for thinking that all-metal bodies and a double-edged display is yet more “style over substance.” But it seems that users have responded to the Edge’s advantages for multitasking – as such, Samsung could have a hit on its hands for power users who want to get more done with their mobile phones. The metal bodies add durability and higher quality materials to boot. In short, the Galaxy S6 Edge might end up being the Android phone to beat in 2015 – if Samsung doesn’t find a way to mess it up, that is. We’ll know more when Samsung takes to the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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