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Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post by Lovefilm a video game and movie rental service based in the United Kingdom.

With 3D cinemas commonplace, and 3D television become an increasingly affordable option, 3D gaming was never going to be far behind. And it is the Playstation 3 that is first to jump on the bandwagon, with three complete games already available, and a further 50 expected in the coming year.

They do, of course, depend upon you having a 3D television, but the PS3 is ready to go as it is, the processing power already strong enough to deal with the added pressures that the games require.

The step is logical. For a long time producers and designers have been striving to create games that are increasingly immersive, with graphics becoming more realistic and gameplay more involving. 3D is the next obvious step – we experience life in 3D, why not games?

The games, which only require a software update to be played, are futuristic racer Wipeout HD, shooter Super Stardust HD, and action game Pain.

And if these are examples of the breadth of 3D functionality already, then we can only assume that the games that are to come – as developers get more acquainted with the new technology – will be truly arresting.

What’s more, the stereoscopic 3D technology could be coupled with the Playstation Move controller to offer an experience that is truly involving and far in advance of what the first gamers in the 70s thought would be possible – even if they did dream. Virtual reality gaming has been on the edges of science-fiction for 20 or 30 years, but with this combination Playstation may well have the closest incarnation yet.

The gaming revolution will march relentlessly onward, and Sony maintain that this is the cutting edge of the market, and are excited at how depth cannot only add to the experience visually, but offer developers new ways of implementing landscapes and using depth to aim a rifle or hook a fish.

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