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Interactive whiteboards are being employed more and more within the corporate as well as educational setup. It’s associated with multiple perks that can pique the interest of the target audience.

Moreover, whiteboard software makes your work flexible and convenient for people with specific disabilities. They also allow you to take screenshots. Check out this article to know about more features of interactive whiteboards.

Wide range of interconnectivity

Whiteboards give you access to connect to a plethora of devices, including smartphones and laptops. Moreover, this further lets you highlight or mark a point on your device, and that would be reflected on the screen.

You can easily find or develop apps that can ease up the process of sharing a wide range of information. In addition to that, you can provide information simultaneously to a significant number of people.

Structured presentation material

In school or college setup, a teacher must have a plan of action before beginning a session. An interactive whiteboard can be handy if you’re trying to make a child learn something through association.

Additionally, it has been observed over a long period that teachers deal with many problems. They spend most of their class duration, trying to figure out where they left the topic in the previous session. Interactive whiteboards help you solve this problem.

Increases engagement

According to experts, a person can retain more information if it is presented systematically. It increases the level of audience engagement through the use of colorful and bright text and images.

When you use interactive whiteboards for the first time, then the targeted audience is intrigued and enthusiastic. You can make the sessions more interactive and audience-oriented with the help of whiteboards.

Improved content interaction

Some advanced-level interactive whiteboards have the facility of touchscreen controls. Not only can you highlight a point, but you can access the hyperlink attached to a specific word.

Most of the time, whiteboard technology is accompanied by many attachments, such as a stylus pen. You can use this pen to draw a diagram or underline a word. There’s no hard and fast rule; you can use your fingers as well.

Spotlight and screen shade

With the help of the spotlight feature, you can hide the whole material and only focus on one thing at a time. It’s beneficial for maintaining people’s focus.

On the other hand, through the screen shade feature, you can steadily reveal the information that you hid previously from the audience. It can be convenient during Q&A sessions.

Magnifier and pointer

As the name suggests, you can enlarge the information so that people at the back can have a better view. To help you navigate through the whole image, a small window is given that shows the complete picture.

The primary role of a pointer is to highlight a specific word or point. People can use the pointer to follow the instructor, in case they miss out on something. By double-clicking, you can remove the pointer if it’s creating a disturbance during the session.

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