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I don't know about you but having to go out of my way to find and then subsequently stop at a gas station to fill up my tank is so 2020 – and I'm so done with 2020. This is 2021 and in 2021, we use Fuel Fairies. Founded by Nakita Daniels in October 2020, Fuel Fairies is already serving customer's all over Palm Beach County, Florida with plans to expand quickly.

What is Fuel Fairies?

Remember that show on Nickelodeon, The Fairly OddParents? The one where the kid (Timmy) was given fairy godparents who granted him wishes. Yeah, well, Fuel Fairies is like that, whenever your car, boat, generator, or RV needs gas you pull up the Fuel Fairies app and schedule a time for them to come magically fill up your tank. The company is also working on offering portable charging for electric vehicles.

The idea for Fuel Fairies came to Nakita back in 2017 during hurricane Irma, but she only decided to start working on it in 2019 after hurricane Dorian. The idea here is fairly straightforward, getting gas is annoying (especially when there are long lines after hurricanes). To get started, Nakita acquired a truck with a pump and a 50 gallon tank. She quickly sold out of gas.

Since the company's launch in late 2020, it's been growing quickly. She already has started building a loyal repeat customer base and has so far only been relying on word of mouth marketing.

How does Fuel Fairies work?

Fuel Fairies app.

I know what you're thinking by now, how can I sign up? The way Fuel Fairies works is very simple. Just load the app on your phone, signup, select a day/time you want Fuel Fairies to show up, and leave your gas tank popped. You don't even have to be around!

Pricing works as follows: price of gas + a service charge of $14.99 for cars, $23.99 for boats, and $29.99 for anything over 50 gallons. You can even do multiple cars for an additional $2.99 per car. They also have special deals for car fleets.

Fuel Fairies also offers a range of fuel including, Regular 87, REC 90, Premium 93 and Diesel.

The company offers more information about how it works on the site's FAQ section. As I mentioned, right now the company is only servicing the Palm Beach County area but if you're elsewhere and would like Fuel Fairies service, please don't hesitate to reach out to Nakita (or me and I can connect you!) as she's looking to expand (including looking to partner with car dealerships to offer her service as a bundle).

I really love this idea. Why should I have to go to the gas station? Here's a real life example of why I love Fuel Fairies. I was driving back home from visiting 1909 for an event a few weeks back and my gas light comes on, I only had 20 miles of gas left in my tank. Instead of being able to go home and have Fuel Fairies come fill my tank, I had to stay out longer and drive to a gas station before I got to go home and eat dinner. Additionally, I know come hurricane season, a company like Fuel Fairies will provide a lot of value for both people's cars but also their generators.

When I spoke to Nakita I was really impressed with her hustle, she's looking to expand and grow the business, which means she's currently looking at buying another truck and bigger tanks. I can't wait to watch as she continues to grow her company.

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