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We just got in Master & Dynamic’s MW60 headphones and decided to do a little unboxing video. In addition to our recent article on the best wired headphones for audiophiles, we’ll also be putting together a list of the best wireless headphones for audiophiles so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Initial Impressions of Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones

Comfort–The MW60 headphones are incredibly comfortable in my short time with them so far. One interesting thing about Master & Dynamic headphones that I’ve noticed is they don’t adjust that much–which caused some issues for me when I reviewed the MH30’s. That being said, the MW60’s seem to fit my head and ears nicely. The build quality is also good, they’re solidly made though for $550 headphones they do feel a little plasticky in some areas such as around the ear pads.

Sound–The sound on the MW60’s is very good, definitely what you would expect from a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones–warm and rich. I have had some issues with the sound cutting out when they are paired with my computer (MacBook Pro) though. This hasn’t happened on any other devices, including my iPhone X and iPad Pro. I’m still unsure why this is happening.

Battery life–Master & Dynamic claims the MW60’s sport 16 hours of battery life. I haven’t had a enough time to fully test the battery life but so far, so good. I’ve listened to some music and watched a complete movie with them and they’re still chugging along.

Have any questions, comments, thoughts about the Master & Dynamic MW60 headphones? Let us know in the comments!

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