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Just over two weeks ago from today, a new installment from one of the largest video game franchises of all time got release. That would be the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I have played some of the Final Fantasy games in the past, but never really got into them as much as other games. However, after seeing all the hype from this game and all of the really cool trailers and gameplay videos, I decided to get it. I must say, this game is probably one of the best games I have played of the entire series. The combat is fantastic, the graphics are mind-blowing and the story is filled with drama and action. There is not very much I can tell you about this game without giving it away, so I will do my best to keep the spoilers slim to none.

Final Fantasy is known for its vast collection of cutscenes and excellent story lines. This game is no different. It has an excellent storyline with some awesome characters, including one extremely annoying boy named Hope who complains about 90% of the game. One of my favorite characters is a guy named Sazh chocobo and he has an awesome afro that has a (type of bird) living in it. He adds a good bit of comedy to the game, which is always a win for me. When it comes to the length of the game, it is a little short for a Final Fantasy game, averaging around 35-40 hours long.

If you have ever played a Final Fantasy game before, you know the combat is usually the same basic concept. This game, once again, is no different. If the only combat your interested in is first-person shooters, like Modern Warfare 2, then don’t even bother trying this game. The menu system is quite like any other Final Fantasy game, except it is far more complex than previous games. Usually, I figure out how to work a game in under 5 minutes, but this game took me about 30-45 minutes to get used to and to fully understand some aspects of the game. Also, when you think you know it all, there are some abilities that come later in the game, such as the Crystalium, that take a little while to understand. All in all, the game is definitely worth the time to figure out.

I personally bought this game on the Xbox 360 because I don’t have, nor do I want a PS3. However, for those of you trying to decide which console to get it on, I would suggest the people who are obsessed with how the graphics look get the PS3 versions because I heard that the Xbox 360 version has more “pale” graphics. Other than that, if you don’t feel like having 3 discs for one game, then also go with the PS3 version. If you are like me and could honestly care less, it’s up to you because it is all the same price.

This game is definitely a great addition to the series, but when will it ever be the “Final Fantasy”? If their games continue as great as this one, I hope the series lives on for many years to come.

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