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Facebook is stepping up their review policy game a few pegs as they have today announced a brand new review policy for all existing and future advertisements purchased by Groups and Pages. The new review policy will begin next Monday, July 1st, and will remove any advertisements that the social network deems to contain “any violent, graphic or sexual content”.

Prior to this change, only advertisements from Groups and Pages that Facebook deemed to violate their Terms of Service would be refused advertising space on Facebook. However, this often meant that advertisements for content involving adult services would appear on the Facebook home page for all users, including Facebook’s younger users, often barely or not at all older than 13.

Facebook claims that the new reviewing process will be a manual process initially as the company develops an automated method to wade through the large pool of advertising requests Facebook sees on a daily basis. Facebook predicts that all existing advertisements will be reviewed and, if necessary, removed by next Friday, July 5th.

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