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Recently, Microsoft has re-released some of the Xbox 360 games as Platinum Hits. Along with this release, they also dropped the prices down to about 20 dollars. One of those games is called Fable II. It is a fantasy-like RPG game that takes place in the land of Albion, which is based around somewhere in Europe. You start out the game as a young boy in a town called Bowerstone and after you and your sister get shot by a guy named Lucian, you somehow don’t die, and you grow up and become a warrior and eventually seek revenge. One of the good parts of this game is that you can also choose the path of good or evil.

There is a main storyline this game, but if you want to take a break from that and do some side quests, that works too. You can also start a job, usually as a blacksmith or a woodcutter, to earn some extra money. There are plenty of shops and other places throughout Albion to buy things and sometimes you even have the option to buy  a particular building. You can buy just about any building in the game and make money off of those buildings. Whether you rent out a house or buy a shop, you can set how much interest of money you get. I recommend you start buy renting out at least one house and 2 little shopping stands in Bowerstone Market and play through the game for a while before you get something else.

You have 3 methods of attack throughout the game: melee, distanced weapon, and will. Your melee weapon is usually a sword. You can continue to upgrade your sword throughout the game, as you can with your distanced weapon. Your distanced weapon is usually a crossbow or a pistol. Will is like a bunch of spells. Everytime you get in a battle, you gain experience orbs and you can eventually trade those in for new spells or upgrade spells. Some of these will attacks include shock, inferno and push.

You may seem hesitant to buy this at first, but I promise you it is very addicting. I would recommend that you buy this from a local GameStop because at my local store, I got store credit for buying the game. I don’t know if they are doing that at your local shops, but that’s what they did at mine.

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