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Want to create multiple bit-by-bit copies of several USB storage devices at once? Well, now you can with ease. EZ Dupe is a company that makes storage duplicating hardware — they have a wide range of products that can duplicate USB storage devices, Blu-Ray disks, CD/DVD’s, and even hard drives. We received a USB duplicator that has the ability to duplicate up to seven (7) USB storage devices and it’s pretty cool.

The EZ Dupe USB duplicator is very easy to setup, simply plug in the power cable and turn on the device. From there, you connect the master USB storage device (the one which has the data you want to copy to others) and up to seven others and begin the process of creating a bit-by-bit copy of the master USB device. Once you start the duplication process, the lights on EZ Dupe’s hardware will flash green as the data is copied bit-by-bit, if the light turns red it means there was some kind of error. When it’s done, the unit will let you know the process completed successfully.

In our tests using non-high performance USB flash storage devices, it took a little over 20 seconds for it to copy 40MB’s of data from the master USB flash drive to the other two flash drives connected to the unit. In additional tests with non-high performance devices, when copying over 700MB of data from the master USB flash drive to three to four other USB flash drives, the process ranged from approximately 5 to 8 minutes.

While that’s not super fast, the data transfer speeds you will see in large part depend on the quality of USB storage devices you’re working with. For example, if you use high quality/high performance USB flash storage devices with the EZ Dupe unit, you should expect to see data transfer rates of 5-10MB/second, but with the capability of it being as fast as 35MB/second.

The device will recognize and work with several different file systems, including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT 2, and EXT3. This means you should have little-to-no issues getting it working with your USB storage devices.

Another great feature of this unit is that it supports both Asynchronous and Synchronous copy modes.

If you use the Asynchronous mode, you can copy a USB device, when it finishes (light turns solid green), unplug it and put in another, and the unit will create another copy on the newly inserted USB device without having to go through the setup again. This works great if you have more than seven copies to make and want a quick way to continue the duplication process as each copy finishes.

If you do not need to utilize the Asynchronous features, then using the Synchronous mode will make the unit copy to all USB targets at the same time.

The unit is housed in a Hercules case which use noise cancelation technology to help ensure that the device isn’t too noisy. The case also helps eliminates most electro magnetic interference, which is great, because it means increased reliability.

The pricing for this bad boy is $1,049.99. While that isn’t necessarily doable for the every day consumer, it’s great for small businesses, computer repair technicians, and even at the enterprise level. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these or another of EZ Dupe’s products, give them a call at 877-686-8868 and they can direct you to the nearest dealer to you.

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