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evaerAs more work is done in decentralized locations, there are fewer face-to-face meetings and more conversations in Skype. And the best way to keep track of your conversations and make sure you don’t miss a word is to record your call—and that’s the specialty of Evaer for Windows. This app is free to try and only $19.95 for a license, and it’s worth every penny.

Evaer takes the guesswork and technical know-how out of recording your Skype conversations, and it starts up as soon as you log into Skype. The application provides lots of options in terms of sound and video quality, as well as options to choose which sides of the conversation you want to record. Audio is saved as an MP3, while video can be saved as either an MP4 or an AVI file, giving you the option to choose whichever format best suits your needs.

But the best argument for adding Evaer to your Skype conversations? Simply put, it works. Other recording applications can be complicated or riddled with bugs, leaving you with an unlistenable mess afterwards. Evaer, however, seems solid as a rock—at least in all our experiences with the software to date.

Key Features

  • Inexpensive and easy to use, Evaer has a simple recording and playback interface. And if you’d rather play files back with another program, it’s easy to locate where recordings are saved.
  • There are tons of options for recording quality for audio and video, and users can choose between MP4 and AVI files for video calls.
  • Evaer is one of the most reliable recording programs we’ve tried. Its great track record makes it a great pick for anyone who needs to keep records of their Skype calls.

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