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Elgato has proven that bigger doesn’t always mean better by making a smaller but awesome budget-friendly streaming device. The Elgato Stream Deck Mini is affordable at just $99 and is a great tool for new streamers who are looking to improve their stream and build an online profile.

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The Mini is less than one-third of the conventional Stream Deck. Despite its compact design, however, the tough build quality is a significant upgrade over 2017’s flimsy yet larger Stream Deck, which is somewhat unwieldy. While the Stream Deck Mini is a whole $50 cheaper than the standard Stream Deck, it somehow feels better put together.

Having the Deck stand on its own is a smart design that manages to retain its modern, sleek appearance. The smaller device is perfect for streamers who broadcast on the go. The USB cable, at almost a foot longer, is another improvement in design, as it provides additional room when broadcasting away from a streaming rig.

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The Stream Deck is still a fantastic alternative when it comes to improving a stream or for those wanting to rid things that distract from a first-rate broadcast. The latest Stream Deck App is compatible with XSplit, a hugely popular alternative to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

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The six LCD keys work in the exact same way as its 15-key predecessor. Users can still switch from one scene to another, start recording, or shoot a tweet with the touch of a customizable button. Being able to save and share profiles with others is a wonderful tool when working with multiple Stream Decks, or if the user likes the setup of another streamer.

Working with six keys might just be annoying if a streamer’s production uses a large number of scenes or needs to use numerous sound effects or graphics. There’s a way around it, however, by setting an unlimited amount of folders. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that it’s something else that could potentially distract the user when streaming.


The Stream Deck Mini is aimed at casual streamers who wish to keep things simple, with an inexpensive $99 price tag to match. For those working with multiple cameras, and video and audio sources, it may just be worth investing in the larger Stream Deck controller.

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