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Building a website is not easy. Even if you’re a web developer, it’s hard to build a site all on your own since it involves so many different elements. On one hand is the code itself, then there is the all important design and visual aesthetic of the site, and finally is any content (written or otherwise) that you want to upload.

For most people, it’s the content that’s important. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger, or trying to promote your small businesses, most people want to focus on the message of the site rather than the process of building it.

This is even more true for many of today’s aspiring social media influencers. For these individuals, who use standardized and uniform social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others, the idea of having to build an entire site from scratch can feel foreign. Of course, there are a number of website building platforms out there such as Wix or Squarespace, but those platforms are designed to be all-purpose platforms for any kind of site.

Currently, there isn’t a single website building service that is designed to tie together all the disparate platforms that make up the standard toolkit of a social media influencer. That’s exactly the hole that Emaze wants to fill with its new social website creation tool that it’s calling

At first blush, the Emaze site creation tool may seem similar to the other tools on the market. But it quickly becomes apparent that everything on the platform was built with social media influencers in mind. Emaze wants to make it easy to both design and manage a website that can serve as a gateway to an influencers various social channels.

So whether you have a strong Twitter feed, or are most active on Instagram, will give you a way to feature that feed. The service offers influencers a great way to tap the strength of one channel and use to expose their followers to content on other platforms. For instance, maybe a user has a blog or YouTube channel that isn’t taking off, but their Instagram game is super strong.

These users can use their strong channel to draw attention, and ultimately traffic to the other platforms. This gives them valuable flexibility, especially as they work to monetize their social media activities.

Of course, Emaze faces a difficult competitive landscape. There is no shortage of tools and platforms available to build a web presence. But I think that Emaze has chosen a smart strategy with as it looks to compete, and that strategy is focus. Emaze is working on a specific problem where it sees a lack of solutions. If it can provide a powerful solution for users looking to tie all their social channels together, then they can find a way to stand out from the web building crowd.

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