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Drones have provided revolutionary capabilities throughout a wide range of industries. Virtually replacing aerial photography, which used to be incredibly expensive prior to the advent of drones, modern drone technology has allowed industries from the real estate sector to oil and gas the ability to quickly and efficiently carry out complex aerial photography, surveying, and other tasks.

The cross-industry drone revolution

Using drone aerial services is becoming mainstream in many different industries. Whether in an industry that requires high-quality aerial photography and videos such as real estate or in a business that necessitates the ability to quickly and accurately inspect remotely located equipment, aerial drones have allowed massive improvements in the way that many industries carry out their critical functions.

In the field of real estate, aerial drone photography and videography have been a game-changer. Prior to the advent of reliable drone technology, real estate agents that wished to acquire even the most basic aerial photographs of property were required to hire either a plane- or helicopter-based photography service.

Such services often ran into the thousands of dollars per hour, meaning that only the most well-heeled real estate agents selling the most expensive properties could consider making use of aerial photography.

But with the use of cost-effective and highly efficient drone technology, aerial photography and video of properties have become standard. Not only does this help the sellers and real estate agents to move properties quicker, but it also helps buyers understand exactly what they are getting, eliminating unsuitable properties and allowing buyers to zero in on the parcels that best fit their needs.

Many other industries have found the advent of drone technology to be truly revolutionary. Just one example is the film industry. Even blockbuster productions are turning to aerial drone technology due not only to its vastly lower-cost but also to its ability to capture almost supernaturally stable shots from the air.

But the revolution in drone technology has not just been helpful to big-money Hollywood studios. The ability to eliminate the use of helicopters and other aircraft from aerial photography while producing final products that are of even higher quality has meant that the hundreds of thousands of clients that need film work done on their behalf each year have been able to turn to this technology, adding immeasurably to the quality of films that are produced. High-quality drone videography has enabled even small businesses to put together promotional films of a quality that even 20 years ago was reserved only for the largest corporations. And this ability has helped grease the wheels of commerce throughout many different sectors.

Drone technology has also found great use in non-promotional areas. Companies that need to perform regular inspections have found drone technology to be a great boon to their operations. For example, industries such as the oil and gas sector must conduct regular inspections upon all of their equipment in order to ensure the highest level of safety. In this endeavor, drones have become invaluable, with the ability not just to survey vast areas of pipelines and other equipment but also having the ability to use artificial intelligence software to process much of the information that is garnered.

Drone technology has also spread to the multibillion-dollar security industry. Here, drones can be used for real-time surveillance of vulnerable facilities, conducting 24-hour surveillance missions on a fully automated basis. This essentially puts military-grade technology and capabilities into the hands of consumers who need to ensure the security of sensitive facilities.

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