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Most of us watch Marvel movies and wonder what it would be like to be in possession of the powers some of the depicted superheroes are gifted. And yet, in many small ways, we have our own superpowers, or at least competencies refined to such a point that we take them for granted. For example, place someone from two hundred years ago into an automobile driving down the highway today, and they would be terrified due to how dangerous it would seem. Yet most of us just brush this off as part of our daily commute. And perhaps the power we use the most frequently, day after day, is the ability to brush off advertising.

Advertising comes from many angles. From the television you watch, the app advertisements you have to close, the podcast sponsorships you have to listen to, or the adverts that you see simply walking down the street outside of your house, at bus stops, on billboards, or cars and vans all around. For this reason, a business needs to be smart in how it applies its advertising campaign, especially one that hopes to grab the attention of your potential audience and isn’t just disregarded along with the rest.

With the following advice, we are sure you will get there:

Be Bold

What happened to bold marketing? It might be that some blame it on an intensely fraught worry about causing offense, or perhaps some just wish to appeal to the broadest possible audience. But it can often be that getting a little closer to the edge with care can be the thing that makes the difference in the end.

Be bold. Be courageous. Do not be afraid to appeal to the emotions of your audience, or to tackle subject matters that might be hard. For example, you may decide to bring awareness to a campaign while also advertising your product. The good you can foster through that exposure can be quite incredible. However, if opting for a bold strategy, ensure that you are careful and appreciative of the subject matter at hand.

Hiring professional writers, videographers, and even testing your campaign before focus groups can ensure that your bold strategy isn’t too over the line, or going to cause true harm. A good example of this is the marketing stunt pulled off outside of Harrods last year, where a white vehicle was clad with lipstick-written insults all over the bonnet. Some assumed that the vehicle’s treatment suggested a lover scorned, but it was actually a prop designed to promote an American reality TV show. It’s quite incredible how the social media buzz generated around this allowed many to hear of the show, as the power of our social timelines can often transfer information all across the world. On top of that, when levied through the recommendation of a friend, a user is much more likely to pay attention to said content. 

This is where your marketing can pounce, if playfully.

Celebrate Them

Everyone likes a great compliment, or enjoys feeling appreciated. It might be that for your next marketing campaign, you make it all about the people who have helped you get where you are now. Celebrating them and being positive in your approach can help you develop a much more friendly candor with your messaging. You might suggest that because it’s now your 25th year in operation, your business is creating both a limited edition series. Those who have an account with your firm already may have 20% off the final product, or perhaps referrals from loyal users will gain some a 5% discount.

For premium items considered luxuries, such as designer spirits, furniture items or even clothing, the added nature of celebration can mean plenty. These practical items that might be displayed on a countertop, worn or used daily can remind said person of said event, helping them feel they had a real contribution in the story of your firm. This is of course true, because without the support of your customer base, your business, like many others, would be humbled.


We paint consumers as those who somehow ignore an advertisement no matter its content, but that’s not true. Consumers pay plenty of attention to products they like, and the new movements of the industry they care for. In fact, thousands of attendees head to business expos and other events alike to see the news regarding their industry, or to contribute in some way.

To this end, interest can come naturally and quite predictably if you give it a chance to bloom, and you find the interested to speak to as a first step. Interest means care and attention. It means presenting yourself to those who will listen. With social media advertising and targeted ID use, your advertisement will largely be presented to those who have the highest chances of viewing it in the first place, helping you avoid the dreaded ‘scroll past’ or ‘skip ad’ feature on video platforms.

Timeless Wisdom Still Applies

It’s essential to consider the timeless wisdom that still applies to you and many others seeking to stand out from the others. There was a time where eye-popping displays and beautiful graphic design became the first priority for firms, but now everyone is taking care of that, it can seem like less of a priority. However, remember, advertisement takes up space, and so those who live in an area would much prefer your advertisement is fresh, crisp, well thought out, eye-catching, and had substance. This timeless wisdom can still draw the attention even from those who are usually great at ignoring adverts.

You just need to make sure you are original. For example, you might be selling fragrance. Do you really need to show another attractive woman in a low-cut dress, or a man in a suit locked in an embrace? We expect that now. How about using Vivid Ads Signs to describe your fragrance, to evoke the same feeling that the scent provides, perhaps such as showing a radial natural glow around the product with an excellent use of minimalism, carefully applied on vivid ad signs?

It’s this timeless wisdom that can still apply and yet also remain interesting to our eyes, especially if held within a business expo or perhaps a passive waiting area such as an airport or train station. When customers want to know more, they will try to find out. Remember, now a potential client can open more information about your firm within seconds no matter where they are, and you want to do everything you can to lead them in that direction.

The Power Of Exclusivity

There’s a special power that exclusivity has over us. When we feel part of a special club, we feel superior, even in a small context. This is why some who have supported a band from the beginning might feel alienated when they begin to reach mainstream success, and their need to remind everyone that they were there at the beginning can unfortunately fall on deaf ears.

One recent failure, the infamous Fyre Festival, is the latest high-profile victim of this. For the uninitiated, the Fyre Festival was a high-luxury musical festival scheduled to take place in the Bahamas. It’s premise was that ticket prices were coveted items, as real supermodels, an incredible array of acts, villas as accommodations and many different luxury items would all be reflected in the price of the ticket, which would ensure that only ‘the right crowd’ could attend. Despite plans not coming to fruition or many legitimate photos of the event surfacing, many felt that this exclusive event was fully legitimate, and its secrecy was only a byproduct of the mysterious, luxury and surprising beauty in store.

Despite the failure of Fyre Festival, it’s important to learn from this that exclusivity has a strong place in the hearts of minds of many. If you can levy that as a firm, you might become noticed for that alone, and backed up with substantial and worthwhile marketing, you have a real winner on your hands. For example, you may decide to offer a discount to those who see a certain social media ad online, uncover part of your marketing treasure hunt within a magazine, or even make use of a time-honored promotion.

Create A Mascot

Loveable characters can go a long way in your marketing strategy. You just need to be careful about how they are depicted, and what they mean for your firm. Consider famous UK car insurance comparison website, Compare The Market, in the mid-2000’s, the company decided upon its Compare The Meerkat campaign, where two CGI meerkats deliberated the need for excellent car insurance. They became something of a cultural hit, and since then each insurance claim as a signed deal is also delivered with a fluffy toy of said character, which resell for quite a high price. It could be that following something similar, or at least having some kind of forward-facing mascot could grant you the attention of consumers left and right.

With this advice, you are sure to apply novelty and originality within your marketing strategy. We hope it works out.

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