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I just logged into my YouTube account only to find the option to “Download MP4” (see screenshot below).  I attempted to provide the link to someone else to see if they too were able to download the video, however, they were not.  At this current time I have been unable to find an option to enable to allow other users to download my videos (so if you find it – let me know in the comments).


I have mentioned this happening before in a previous post titled YouTube to offer a download option and perhaps now it’s finally coming to fruition. While I would love to see the feature, I’m sure many media companies who use YouTube to publish would not like their videos to be freely downloadable so I would only assume this would be an opt-in feature rather than a feature that is enabled by default.

As of right now this feature is nice if you upload a video, delete it on your computer by mistake (or on purpose), and decide you want to have your own copy again at some point. You never have to store video on your local computers hard drive ever again (provided you upload it to YouTube).

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