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Jim Dalrymple, a well-known Apple insider and blogger, just issued one of his rare, but usually correct “Nope” statements on his blog.  In the blog post, he sets the stage for this years WWDC — which appears will not feature a new iPhone or iPad.

“The important thing to remember about WWDC is that it is a developer conference,” he says, “It’s not a place where Apple is going to show off the newest iPhone or iPad. These are Apple’s flagship products and they demand separate events … So, don’t expect an iPhone or iPad at WWDC.”

Dalrymple says to expect Apple to focus on the Mac product line, OS X, and the newly redesigned iOS 7.  However, Dalrymple does caution us to not expect as massive of a change as perhaps we’ve been hearing about.  “Personally, I don’t think that Apple will take it as far as what some might think. The way I envision iOS 7 is more of a modernization of the look and feel of the operating system. Kind of like what Apple did with OS X over the years,” he writes.

Whatever happens at WWDC, we’ll be sure to let you know.  WWDC starts on June 10.

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