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Waiting for an Xbox One price drop to get into the game? Now’s your chance. Walmart is currently selling Microsoft’s latest game console for $449. That’s $50 off the Xbox One’s MSRP, and the discount applies to bundles that include the system’s latest blockbuster release, Titanfall.

Update (1:38pm): I spoke with a Walmart rep, who couldn’t offer a lot in the way of additional information. According to the rep, the promotion applies both in-store and online, and the company does not have a set end date for it yet, but it will be “for a limited time.” When I asked if Microsoft had anything to do with the promotion, I was told I would “have to talk to Microsoft,” though the rep emphasized that Walmart ultimately set the price. I’ve reached out to Microsoft’s Xbox team and am waiting to hear back.

Update (2:28pm): Best Buy has matched the deal, as well.

Update (4:53pm): A Microsoft spokesperson had this to say:

“This is a special promotion offered by Walmart and Best Buy stores in the U.S. Microsoft sets a suggested retail price, but specific pricing and offers vary by retailer. Beyond that, we have no additional comment.”

walmartTitanfall is $60 on its own, so you’re actually getting $560 worth of value for $110 less. This is the biggest cut to the Xbox One’s price since it launched, and it comes at a time when Microsoft’s system is likely doing its best sales.

The deal looks to be a Walmart-only affair. A search of several other major retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, and Target, revealed the normal $499 price tag for the system. I don’t believe this is a Microsoft-orchestrated price drop for the Xbox One; more like a promotion meant to generate buzz for Walmart. The retailer offers similar discounts from time to time on iPhones, iPads and other popular electronics, so this isn’t new territory for the company.

It’ll be interesting to see how consumers react to the promotion. The cut puts the Xbox One a mere $50 away from the $399 PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One includes a game and Microsoft’s Kinect accessory. Price has played a big part in this generation’s console war, so with the playing field somewhat level (at least, at one retailer), will the Xbox One see more adoption? We’ll have to wait and see.

I reached out to Walmart for comment but haven’t heard anything back yet. So it’s unknown at this time why exactly this deal is being offered or how long it’s going to last. My advice to you: if you’ve been waiting for the Xbox One to get less expensive, and if you planned on picking up Titanfall anyway, now’s a great time to seal the deal.

[h/t: Polygon]

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