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Reza Sarmadi, CEO at Agency 41, has over 22 years of experience in digital marketing, having started working in this sector from ‘97. As a startup entrepreneur, Sarmadi has understood how to market himself and everything else since he was in high school. His first personal website, created during his sophomore year, received several awards, proving that he had a flair for marketing even back then.

When Sarmadi developed and launched an online music community in the same year, its 120,000 active visitors ensured that it was featured on, even before the times of, as the hottest entertainment site of the month. This is the type of success that has followed him throughout his career.

Content marketing strategy has become crucial for successful growth

According to Sarmadi, the basic principles of marketing have not changed much since he first started out. However, content marketing is one area that needs more care now than ever before, and getting it right will take any business to new heights.

Consumers and businesses can both benefit from content marketing. Search engines and their algorithms, which are constantly improved, help web crawlers reach businesses and help to satisfy their thirst for useful information.

Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, content marketers, and copywriters can read and leverage his 2020 Guide to Content Marketing to learn how to use content to satisfy the needs of both consumers and businesses.

How can a content marketing strategy be kickstarted?

The six basic steps to kickstarting a content marketing campaign are easy but need dedication and determination to get it right.

Delivering content to the right people

Determining and targeting the right people is the first strategy so that content does not get wasted on uninterested parties.

Understanding the likes and dislikes of an audience ensures that they are reached with their desired content. The content needs to be unique and yet interest them.

Content format is important

Once it is determined which the targeted audience is, it becomes easier to determine the format of the content. This does not always need to be blog posts, but can also include Webinars, Podcasts, YouTube videos, and SlideShare slides.

Choosing the right channels

Social media is one of the best ways to reach most audiences today since just about everyone has access to at least one platform. The idea is for businesses to target the platforms that their consumers are using. People like to share and comment and this all measures the success of a campaign.

 However, emails are still a popular form of sharing content marketing and can be used successfully for B2B marketing too. These can be to the point and offer incentives.

Pay-per-click advertising can target very specific audiences with ads that are specially created for them.

Blogs are informative

Regular blogs that are well written and informative can reach the right audience when promoted correctly. They must be optimized to make them visible by search engines.

SEO is significant

SEO rules should be adhered to and keywords and phrases are important. Content marketing is also improved with inbound links.

Customers need incentives

Content marketing is about getting contact information from the target audience. In order for them to willingly part with it, they need incentives. Offers like eBooks, Whitepapers, Webinars and Podcasts can be offered in exchange for their details.

“Expert Tips” for recreating existing content marketing

An avid writer about all things marketing, Sarmadi has written many blogs that offer expert advice. His “expert tips” to businesses that want to optimize their content marketing includes some interesting strategies.

Before promotion techniques are used, an existing site needs to be improved and this includes buttons for sharing and Calls to Action. Some of his other advice includes:

Content audit

This entails improving existing content by improving SEO and even eliminating content that is not relevant.

Boost blog performance

Longer posts do better with SEO, summarized videos can be incorporated into posts, internal links can be included, guest blogging on other blogs, and relevant comments all enhance blog performance.

Other tips

Social media promotion techniques are important, but posts should be regular, and should never miss the time when audiences are active on their favorite platform. Other important tactics include hashtags, creativity and specially designed posts that are not just copy-pasted between social platforms. You should also read about how direct mail postcards are becoming a growing marketing trend.

Reza Sarmadi decides to offer his expertise to others again

By offering his services to others again, Reza Sarmadi wants to help other people with their digital marketing, and often gives free advice to people who work in less privileged sectors with lower incomes.

His goal is to help organizations of all sizes create clear, consistent and effective content marketing strategies. Sarmadi is a master at achieving his goals.

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