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Two weeks ago, Nokia unveiled two new smartphones and a 10-inch tablet at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi. But details of two more Windows-powered Nokia devices have been supposedly leaked to the web: the Verizon-exclusive Lumia 929, and an 8-inch Windows RT tablet codenamed “Illusionist.” It would seem that Noikia’s looking to broaden the impact of Windows-backed mobile gadgets on store shelves, offering a true third alternative to those looking to get away from Apple’s i-line and the bazillion Android phones and tabs.

A post on Windows Phone Central offers up slick looking photos of the Lumia 929, which it pegs as “just a bigger, more powerful Lumia 928,” which itself is a Verizon-exclusive version of the Lumia 920. (Keeping up with all those Lumias so far? Moving on…)

lumia-929-2While there’s no information about a release date for the smartphone, the site details some specs for the gadgets guts: it’ll sport the Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800, a five-inch 1080p HD display, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a ZEISS-lensed, 20 megapixel rear-camera. While that’s only half as powerful as the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020, that’s still pretty bad-ass. Lately I’ve seen more and more people on my Facebook feed show interest in Nokia’s Lumia line for the power of the cameras alone. As such, it would seem that the draw of Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems is starting to be less important than the quality of the gadget itself and its features. If Nokia can start to lure people in with its unbeatable cameras, Windows Mobile might really have a shot.

As for the 8-inch tablet, the details for that come from a Tweet by what Neowin calls the “reliable” evleaks:

Details? Information? Specs? Nothing—but it does make sense that Nokia would also want to have an 8-inch tablet on the market running Windows RT 8.1 to go along with the recently announced Lumia 2520 10-inch tablet, which was previously codenamed Bandit. Having Windows tablets in both sizes simply makes sense considering that each form factor seems to have its fans and adherents.

Nokia is doing a great job of populating the Windows Mobile space with great-looking gadgets that are really attractive. While Microsoft itself is doing its best to show the power of marrying first-party software with first-party hardware, Nokia is going all out to show its new corporate parents what it can do. There’s no question that the Windows Mobile OS comes up short in terms of apps when compared to the App Store and the Play Store. So where software can’t be a draw, Nokia has made sure that the hardware—sleek, bright, fast, and feature-packed—is better than the competition.

(Images from Windows Phone Central)

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