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Guardians looking for Gjallahorn are, once again, going to be disappointed this week.

hard-lightXur is back in the Tower from March 20-22, and he’s come with one of his weaker stocks. Hard Light is the exotic weapon up for sale this go-round, and while it’s one that we haven’t seen Xur sell a whole lot, it’s not a very impressive weapon thanks to the auto rifle nerfs introduced by the 1.1.1 patch.

Aside from Hard Light, Xur is also selling some class-specific goodies: Mk. 44 Stand AsidesMask of the Third Man, and Apotheosis Veil. He also has an exotic shard, and an exotic helmet engram. Hard Light will run you 23 Strange Coins.  Class armor will cost you 13. The exotic shard is priced at 7 Strange Coins. The exotic helmet engram can be had for 23 Motes of Light.

Xur can be found in Tower North, pretty close to the Speaker’s room.

What Are the Weeklies?

The only thing worse than hearing Omnigul scream? Playing her strike. In case you haven’t caught on, “The Will of Crota” is this week’s Nightfall and Heroic strike. Nightfall modifiers include Nightfall, Epic, Angry, Lightswitch, and Arc Burn. The Weekly Heroic’s modifiers are Heroic and Arc Burn.

And Don’t Forget the Iron Banner

Destiny’s Iron Banner has been going since Tuesday, and there are only four days left for you to level up and try to get some of that sweet Iron Banner gear. Helpful hint: communication is extremely important in this mode. It may pay to use a site like DestinyLFG to pair up with a mic’d-up fireteam.

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