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Google Hangouts was one of the first products to take online video chat into the interactive space, wherein you could experience digital content together without being on the same sofa. From YouTube videos and music playlists to putting animated hats on yourself and your friends, it was the one free, promising video chatting alternative to the conventional choice: Skype.

Dabkick, a free app on the iOS App Store, has been aiming to perfect that communicative experience since its launch earlier this summer. It’s an app that allows you to not only video chat in real-time with others, but share videos and photos with them as well. And through the release of new, deeper experience features for the app, the developer hopes to engage you in live conversations with your friends and family even more than before.


Dabkick now features an all-new “Music Layer” that allows users to expand the breadth of content that can be shared with their friends through the app. With this new feature, you can listen to free music on YouTube together while enjoying an album of photos or videos, access each other’s personal music library to jam out together, create playlists, and more — all while being able to video chat simultaneously.

The newly integrated “Social Layer” gives you the ability to create a running friends list that secures friend’s personal information (phone number and email), and establishes a more refined social network within Dabkick that lets you see what other users are watching and sharing. You can even reshare content that you find compelling to your own personal profile.

“DabKick changes the way people communicate via their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,” said Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of DabKick.

“With DabKick, people can easily enjoy media together and interact live with anyone around the world, even with those that don’t have the app. And, with the new update, users can now listen to music together with their friends and connect in a more engaging way than ever before possible via mobile.”

The app is free for download on the iOS App Store, and is currently compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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