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For my birthday I received a Creative SoundBlaster Fatal1ty Pro Series sound card – it’s a 24bit/192KHz card and it sounds awesome. I love the features that it comes with, including the “What U Hear” driver.

The sound card provides three different sound “modes” – Audio Creation, Gaming, and Entertainment. I use the Entertainment mode which is geared for listening to music and movies. The gaming mode is obviously geared towards gaming and the audio creation mode is for those who do music/audio production work.

It also provides something called X-Fi CMSS 3D which essentially will turn your 2.1 speaker system or headphones into more of a surround sound experience – it works quite well too. In addition to that the card’s audio console provides different environment effects (EAX effects) such as amphitheater, opera hall, jazz club, etc.

My favorite feature is a driver called “What U Hear” which acts as a separate sound card and allows you to pump what is going through the sound card itself out to another source.  For example, when I’m streaming I can use the “What U Hear” driver and play whatever is going through my sound card whether it be music or any audio file directly over the stream.  I love it!

What sound card do you use?  Leave a comment!

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