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CNET Isn’t Allowed To Review Aereo Because CBS Is Suing The TV Streaming Service

What seemed like an innocent post on CNET about Aereo getting an updated app on Roku, is now receiving a lot of attention because of the added disclosure to the post which reads, “Disclosure: CBS, the parent corporation of CNET, is currently in active litigation with Aereo as to the legality of its service. As a result of that conflict of interest, CNET cannot review that service going forward.”

This isn’t the first time such disclosures have appeared on CNET.  In fact, in recent weeks disclosures and other issues have become commonplace at CNET due to conflicts of interest with the sites parent company, CBS.  In fact, Dish’s Hopper apparently won CES ‘Best in Show’ but due to the legal battles between CBS and Dish, CNET had to pick a different winner.

Of course, this whole kerfuffle has led to several posts and discussions about parent companies and their control over publications/media companies.

Where do you stand on this issue?

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— Jeff Weisbein

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