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CNC (computer numerical control) in cutting and engraving is a technology that continues to advance. Operators of these digital cutting and engraving machines can control the machinery without the need for manual control and their software programs are particularly advanced to ensure accuracy and speed.

Starting from as early as the 1940s, tools were motorized to help with the various manufacturing processes. As these evolved with the use of analog computers, industries could increase their production and ensure better processing.

Today, advanced digital technology allows for fully programmable and automated CNC machinery that follow coded programs to fully operate them without the need for a manual operator. Companies like The Forsun Group are leaders in this technology and provide top of the range equipment to a large global supply chan. 

CNC machines can process any number of materials on movable motorized platforms according to the instructions that have been fed into its sequential program. The automated steps required by the machined to complete their tasks often require that they combine the use of different tools for cutting, etching, and even drilling.

How CNC machines are programmed?

In a similar way to robots, a CNC system needs to be programmed so that each tool can function correctly. This assures that even though the CNC machine may need to perform more than one task, the possibility of errors is eliminated and the machine works faultlessly.

Older machines relied on numerical control and punch cards were needed to input programs. The new generation of CNC machines is fed information through their keyboards and this program is retained in its memory. Code can be written and edited by programmers, but new information and prompts can also be added with revised codes.

Advanced applications of CNC routers

Cutting and engraving are used in the production of many items created from wood, aluminum profiles, copper, brass, PVC acrylic and even stone. Anyone who is currently on the market for cutting and etching machinery needs to know that in 2020 they should be looking for the latest technology when buying a CNC Router. The same applies to CNC Plasma Cutters or Lock Dowel machines. Router machines can also perform tasks like prototyping and 3D modeling Considerations need to be given to advancements made in capacity, work cycle, and durability.

Jinan Forsun CNC Machinery company has been at the forefront of the latest technology providing high-quality CNC Routers for over 20 years now. Even though the company has standard routers, milling machines, stone engraving machines, and plasma or foam cutters in a variety of sizes, they also understand that certain buyers need customized solutions.

Each piece of cutting and engraving machinery undergoes rigid testing before it ever leaves their factory. The testing includes 13 procedures and the most rigorous is a 48-hour non-stop test run.

How to choose CNC cutting and engraving tools?

CNC routers can be used on various materials, even if they are irregularly shaped. These routers don’t only help save on materials, but also labor costs.

When purchasing a CNC cutting and engraving machine most factories and small industries look for precision and speed, but they should also pay attention to other details such as its strength of the machine body, cable flexibility, and reliability. Manufacturers of these industry tools should provide spares and dependable after-sales service.

Improved CNC Router

Technology like ATC (auto tool changer) helps improve production and the tool carrying capacity and the ATC can change any a broken tool at a faster rate than ever before, reducing non-productive time. These machines have the capacity to work with a larger variety of tools and can interchange them in record time.

The top innovations in the CNC machine industry currently include machine alerts on smartphone devices, BoXZY technology which includes a laser engraver, CNC mill, and 3D printer in one and the ability to finely etch plywood that is ultra-flexible and has a variety of applications.

CNC technology offers amazing benefits

Manufacturing continues to be redefined through innovations in CNC machinery. Besides been able to work 24/7, these machines have reduced the need for manual labor and they also eliminate human errors.

Prototyping is now easier and cheaper because CNC machines can help develop designs and production time is decreased. Meanwhile, material waste is also greatly reduced, allowing business operations to be more sustainable.

Computers and software provide the bulk of the work and the tools required is already on the machinery, reducing the time in uploading the information into the CNC machine and the fast implementation of production.

The manufacturing process has never been as easy as it is now thanks to digital technology, robotics, and the innovative creators of CNC machines that meet the needs of the most demanding manufacturers.


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