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Leaked photos and a teaser video has surfaced online to reveal the RE Camera, a GoPro-like camera being made by HTC that’s set to be revealed at a press event on October 8. A post on AndroidPolice offers up a teaser video published by HTC, which also happens to appear on a site for

RE Camera also has a Twitter account with exactly one tweet so far:

And that’s not all. An intrepid Redditor dove through RE Camera’s website and found some photos that would seem to reveal just what we’re talking about: a small, mountable camera that looks kind of like a periscope:


As you may recall, earlier this month HTC sent out invitations to an event in New York with the tagline “Double Exposure” and a picture of ladies taking a selfie. Since then, a Bloomberg report claimed that the new device would be a high definition camera geared toward “extreme sports” enthusiasts. These photos and the video above would seem to prove that this is, indeed, the case. A few questions still remain, though.

How much will this device cost? And what role will it play with smartphones in general? The Bloomberg report claimed that it would sync up with Android and iOS devices alike, which would be an interesting move on HTC’s part since it’s mostly been associated with Android – and, to a lesser degree, Windows Phone. Expanding into iOS territory might be a really smart way for HTC to build an audience with a group of mobile users who’ve otherwise never had occasion to use its products.

We’ll know more for certain by October 8, but it’s nice to hear about a high profile new gadget that isn’t a smartphone or tablet for once…

[Source: AndroidPolice]

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