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Citibank, one of the largest banks in the world, has confirmed that there has been a data breach in its system that has affected roughly 1% of its customers in the US. That 1% is no small number either, totaling about 210,000 customers. The bank confirmed a May data breach, but let out no detail about the event at the time. The confirmation of the breach comes in the aftermath of the mess that occurred at Sony with the Playstation Network hacks.

Citi did not detail how the breach occurred, but did say hackers obtained access to names, account numbers, and contact information. They also say that they have been contacting victims of the breach, but the company is under heavy scrutiny for not coming forward about the breach earlier. Some experts say hackers might not be done at Citi, going on to say that they may try again to try to obtain more information about customers. If you have a Citi account, be aware and take all necessary precautions.

This is another cyber attack on a large company, one of many that have happened in the past year. Hackers are getting more and more advanced, putting these larger companies at risk to crippling attacks and putting customers at risk for serious damage financially. Sony is still recovering from the major attack of PSN earlier in the month, which affected a majority of PSN users.

If you are a member of Citibank, be aware of the situation and be vigilant of what is happening with your account. Citi says they will put out frequent updates to let their customers what is going on.

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