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Recently Chris Pirillo (Internet Entrepreneur and my friend) released his WicketPixie WordPress theme to the public for free.  The Web today consists of millions of blogs, a decent number of them powered by a platform called WordPress (which both Chris and I use for our respective sites).  The release of WicketPixie for free is a genius idea on Chris’ part and for a very simple reason – in the footer of the theme you will find the following line: Powered by the Social Media WordPress Theme from Chris.

Well, ok, so he put a link back to his site – that’s pretty common, right?  Yes, it is.  However, most authors who release these free themes do not expect large masses of users flocking to use the theme.  In this case, Chris already has a huge following of people who will use his theme.  Ok, so what exactly does this mean for Chris other than just having a lot of people love his theme?  It means Chris’ search results rankings will likely sky rocket through the roof – the more sites that are linking back to his the better.

Now do not get me wrong here, Chris has always been about giving back to and looking after the community, but this is a brilliant move on his part to improve his search rankings and get his name and brand more widely seen and known.

I tip my hat to you, Mr. Pirillo.

If you would like to see the WicketPixie theme in action aside from on Chris’ site check out, Jeff – I’m still tweaking it by the way.

Do you plan to use the WicketPixie theme?  Leave a comment!

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