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As much as we love brand new games and sequels to previous games, nothing beats the classics. In this case, I am talking about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Everyone has been so into the new game, Modern Warfare 2, they probably haven’t even thought about playing the original Modern Warfare. Well, I bought the game for the Xbox 360 recently to bring back some memories of when I first started playing it on my laptop last year.

The campaign is about as long as Modern Warfare 2, maybe a little longer. In my opinion, you should play the Modern Warfare campaign before playing the Modern Warfare 2 campaign because it makes a lot more sense. In this game, like Modern Warare 2, you are chasing after a Russian terrorist, which you eventually kill at the end of the game. However, another terrorist is going to take after him which leads up into Modern Warfare 2.

The multiplayer in this game is the absolute best experience I have had with any Call of Duty game. There are much more decent sized maps in this game, but not as many as Modern Warfare. The point system in multiplayer is a lot simpler than it is in Modern Warfare 2, but still a lot of fun to go through. There are a few more guns in this game that I wish would have been carried on to the next game, but it is good because I can always come back to Call of Duty 4 to use them.

If you are thinking about getting Modern Warfare 2, then I would highly suggest getting this game and playing through it first. It shouldn’t cost that much money compared to a newer game, since it was released in 2007.

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