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I received a question from Richie in the chat room to do a video on the best external hard drives available today. My favorite company for external hard drives is LaCie.

The hard drive enclosures are designed very well.  Aside from being sleek looking (which is least important), they are rock solid.  The enclosure are great quality.  As for the drives themselves I have had one of them (250GB USB 2.0) for roughly 4 years now and it’s still in excellent condition and works flawlessly.

Of course, nowadays you can even buy an internal hard drive (or if you have a spare drive) and a separate enclosure for it and make your own external hard drive.  You can find enclosure’s on site’s such as

There are also companies I recommend you stay away from when looking for external hard drives.  Of course, you should always stay away from all of those no-name drives, however, after all of the Maxtor issues a few years back I have recommended everyone stay clear of any Maxtor hard drives.  While I love Western Digital and Seagate internal hard drives, I’m not a big fan of their external products mainly because I feel they lack quality and that is where LaCie excels.

UPDATE: I received a special discount for you guys on two LaCie external drives – see here for more information.

What external drives do you use?  Leave a comment!

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