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So you’re shopping and comparing computer mice? With over a dozen different mouse types in the market, choosing one that works well with a laptop and even a tablet can be confusing.

What makes a mouse perfect for use with laptops? It needs to be extremely portable, work in a variety of environments, connect seamlessly, and have long battery life. Phew! That’s a pretty exhaustive list.

In this guide we’ve researched the five best portable mice for laptop and tablets.

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

Jelly Comb as a company began in 2014 as a brand of Seenda (who features later in this list). They are best known for their wireless keyboards and computer mice. The jelly comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse is light, ergonomic, and uses wireless technology to work seamlessly with your laptop. This jelly comb mouse boasts universal compatibility. Plus it’s super durable and affordable. This is one of our top choices for an affordable wireless mouse. The battery life is impressive and uses only one AA battery to work.

The downside? Jelly Comb relies on a standard USB plug in to connect with the device or tablet. Samsung tablets, Ipads, and many other models do not have this option. This means buying a micro-usb connecter is required if you wish to use this mouse with not just your laptop, but tablet as well.

Logitech M535 BlueTooth Mouse

Logitech is a household name for a reason. With ten-month battery life and Bluetooth universal compatibility, the Logitech M535 Mouse is perfect for laptop use. It’s ergonomic, convenient, and light. This is a slightly higher cost mouse than most others on this list; but has the benefit of a durable, reliable, and versatile design. It sits quite substantial in your hand, which can be a deterrent for digital nomads, but this also has the added benefit of running smoothly over surfaces.

However, other users claim that the mouse is not seamlessly compatible with ChromeOS. MS or Apple software users will have no difficulty. It also comes with a great one year warranty. Personally, we find the Logitech look design a little tacky; but, its ergonomic shape and mobile design more than makes up for it. The fact the mouse fits in your pocket is a serious plus!

Zeru Bluetooth Rechargeable Mouse

This mouse is many things, but, first of all, damn does it look good. The Zeru Mouse is a slick, classy, and versatile mouse that has all the style of an Ipad. The mouse is bluetooth compatible with nearly all devices. It has a durable, rechargeable battery that claims to last over 450 hours. It’s also silent and smooth across a whole range of surfaces, making it a great portable device. 

The problem with this design? It feels fragile. Perhaps that is why Zeru provides a 1 year warranty.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

No batteries, super light, classic and sleek, and made for Apple. If you have the money, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a great option to match your Macbook or iPad. The Magic Mouse 2 is super light, features few moving parts (so less chance of breakages) and offers multi-touch surface technology. This multi-touch design works in perfect harmony with Apple iPads.

The battery life is decent. It lasts around 24-48 hours on one charge. What is the downside of this beautiful (and it is gorgeous) mouse? Two things. The first is the affordability. The Magic Mouse is the most expensive mouse on this list primarily because of its branding. The second complaint popping up on forums and reviews is the ergonomics. The mouse’s design bases itself on appearance, but it just doesn’t mould to your hand the same way other items listed here do. It is a bit too thin, a bit too sensitive, and a bit too quick to scroll rather than click. These sound like small complaints, but there is nothing more infuriating than conducting research on something and going to click on a link, only to miss it (for the fourth time) as the mouse jumps a little before clicking.

VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

VicTsing likes to keep things versatile. The VicTsing Bluetooth mouse can’t be pigeonholed. It uses dual Bluetooth modes to connect with multiple devices wirelessly, and you can easily switch among connected devices with a simple click of a button. This smart little mouse has something for everyone: fast charging for those on the go, side scroll wheel and fast cursor speeds for the gamers, and an ergonomic device for those of us who spend all day in front of a screen. It’s comfortable in your hand and uses anti-slip grip to keep you in control. We’re an especially big fan of the silent clicking features and the sideways scroll that maximises web browsing on tablets.

VicTsing doesn’t feature a warranty, but it’s durable and great for on the go! Some people have initial issues with connecting to Apple devices, but these are easily fixed.

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