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When we reported that Boxee is being acquired by Samsung for $30 million yesterday, it still wasn’t quite clear exactly what Samsung had in mind for the upstart platform. Now we have a slightly better idea of what Samsung wants out of Boxee – and it certainly isn’t their Cloud DVR service. Boxee and Samsung have just announced that they will be shutting down the Cloud DVR service, which never saw quite the widespread appeal that the Boxee Box did back in 2011, almost immediately on July 10th.

Boxee claims that this will cause “minimal interruption” to current Boxee users, however for the few that rely on and enjoy the service it’s quite a hit. All recorded shows will be deleted following July 10th, so if you’re one of the few who have been enjoying the ability to watch live TV at your own pace through Boxee, you better pick up that remote and get watching now. You won’t have long left to do it.

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