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A few months ago, I bought a pair of the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones.  The headphones retail for $299.95 (a bit expensive, but so worth it).  The B&W P5’s are noise isolating headphones and are dubbed as a “Concert for One”.  Let me tell you, these bad boys are just that.  To put it bluntly – they kick ass.  The P5’s ear pads are made with memory foam covered by New Zealand sheep leather and boy are they comfy.  I used to hate listening to my music with headphones for extended periods of time.  Most of the time, I preferred to rock out to my Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers, not so much anymore.

These are the first headphones to come out of B&W and just like the rest of their products, they are top notch, not only in sound but quality wise as well.  As I mentioned the ear pads are made of memory foam and sheep skin, the frame is made of metal – forget the plastic everyone else is using these days.  The light weight, low profile design of the P5’s make for comfortable long term use.  Unlike huge closed cans, such as the Koss MV1’s the P5’s can be wore in public without attracting negative attention.  I only say that because I can’t say that they won’t attract some positive attention.

Bowers & Wilkins definitely did their homework with these headphones – great sound, stylish, and comfortable.  They are literally a dream pair of headphones.  That said, I would recommend heading down to your local Apple store and giving them a listen with one of the iPod‘s or iPhone‘s.  You will soon see for yourself how awesome these headphones really are.  Sound wise, they have a fantastic bass which is very low in the ear, they can really kick.  The treble is very nice as well – none of those “extra effects” many headphone makers seem to like to throw in.  The midrange has a very natural sound, which is very pleasing.  Overall the P5’s offer an amazing experience, nothing short of typical Bowers & Wilkins products.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 @
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