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Sitting at your desk bored at work, in class, or just in general? Check out the web’s latest social distraction tool, (WARNING: it is very addicting and fun). is a very simple website where you can do one very simple thing: “Ask me anything”. Once you create an account (you can register via Facebook Connect too), people can go to your profile and ask you any type of question either anonymously or via their own formspring account.

Each question on will appear in your dashboard where you can choose to answer it or not. Of course, the site provides simple functionality aside from just responding to questions such as deleting questions you do not wish to answer, reporting spam, or even blocking people from being able to ask you questions in the future. While the concept is extremely simple, it is extremely fun. Anything that allows people to talk about themselves or see people are curious about them and want to know more makes will make you feel good inside.

Of course, this is an emerging service and has its quirks and bugs. I’ve noticed the site becomes extremely slow at times and even non-responsive on more than one occasion. Other features include the ability to follow other people’s profiles (anonymously) and see what they are being asked and how they answer. This is very Twitter-like aside from the whole anonymity thing.

As I mentioned this service is still extremely new so if you like it and want to see a new feature(s) make sure you let the developers know here. Likewise you can find troubleshooting techniques, abuse information, frequently asked questions, and tech support on their Zendesk account.

Have you tried Are you addicted yet? Leave a comment! Also feel free to ask me questions on my profile.

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