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Medtech doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves for the contributions it makes to society. Without making tremendous strides in medical technology, we would lack the means to virtually treat and diagnose the human population, and have no viable options to aid them when poor health impedes most. The industry is evolving as we’re given specialized equipment and innovative algorithms that make even booking a clinic appointment all that much easier. This equipment and these online options, though, are all products of companies that need funding to continue their development process.

The need for these companies and startups are undeniable, but who is funding their innovations as they hope to make the world a better place? Enter stage right: Blue Ocean Ventures ll. BOVll is a VC fund primarily focused on medical device and diagnostics companies and startups located within Switzerland and Europe, making investments in the life sciences, digital health and nanotechnology sectors. BOVll exercises a large network of experts, advisors, and close industry contacts in an effort to “build, manage and coach the startups it invests in with financial guidance and strategic vision.”

To take its services to the next level, BOVll has became the first tokenized medtech VC fund in history after launching SwissVCToken – a dedicated STO platform committed to the sale of the BlueOcean Ventures ll token, BOV.

That’s great and all, but why go crypto all of a sudden? Isn’t the collision of the crypto world and venture capital somewhat unexpected? And, what exactly are the benefits? According to Emmanuel de Watteville, General Partner and Co-Founder of BOVll, the VC Fund feels “confident in our mission to enable outstanding medtech startups to develop novel devices and treatments. The tokenization of venture capital enables a new range of qualified investors for the first time to participate in this promising asset class. As the first ever tokenzied medtech VC fund, we are providing a means to shareholding and profit gain that lacks the volatility of traditional tokens and coins within the current crypto space.”

Purchase of the asset-backed, BOV token through the SwissVCToken platform gives accredited investors the ability to profit from BOVll’s portfolio medical companies (Ava , Rheon Medical, Volumina Medical, Luciole Medical and Abionic). Token-holders, and therefore indirect investors in the portfolio companies, will achieve liquidity – the transformation of their VC investment into a tradable asset. The will also be granted with optimal accessibility, “providing both cryptocurrency and fiat payment options for those investing in BOV token.”

BOVll will hopefully continue to build company portfolio, for the sake of token-holding investors and the startups aiming to make a difference with medtech innovations. For now, those who wish to invest and feel part of something greater than themselves, can do so by way of a BOV token.

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