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Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter, just announced on his blog that he has accepted an advisor role at AOL.  The title of his advisory role is “Social Impact Advisor.”  He writes on his blog, “Aol is a company undergoing a rebirth and it has an amazing opportunity to align itself with meaning. The concept of doing good is not proprietary. To the extent that I am able, I’d like to help more companies follow this template toward a higher definition of success and more meaningful corporate metrics.”

Biz goes on to note that he will remain at Twitter full-time and that he offers his advisory services to several companies.  AOL, of course, being the latest.  It’s still unclear what exactly he will be doing, but it appears that it will be advising on user engagement and more philanthropic activities.

While I’m all for giving back, AOL might need a quick reality check – they need to focus on being successful first.  Currently, they are dealing with some major losses in staff and apparently might be laying off more employees very soon.  Back in 2010, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told us to expect good things (success) from AOL in 2011.  I hope he’s right.  For his sake and the company’s.

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