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Life as a broke student or freelancer is never easy, jobs can be hard to find and you never know if the contract will fall threw. That’s where bitJob comes in. The blockchain-based application allows students to receive immediate payment while building their resumes. Employers can use the application to find the perfect match for their short-term or contract job.

Founded by three childhood friends who realized the that both employees and employers could benefit from a decentralized way to seek one another, bitJob also offers the option to forgo cryptocurrency and receive instead USD or your local currency. Then company was founded three years ago and hopes to turn the HR recruitment process upside down, ensuring that candidates have validated evidence of their abilities, unlike a traditional CV. BitJob gives students the opportunity to gain paid work experience, unlike traditional unpaid internships.

“The employment market is moving towards online jobs without the need for physical access to offices or factories. We love to call this era the Industrial Revolution 2.0,” explained bitJob Co-founder & CEO Dror Medalion.

The company held its ICO in September of 2017, raising $2 million USD.

Running on the Ethereum blockchain bitJob is a peer-to-peer application, that is already backed by big names. In February the company announced that they were partnering with the blockchain projects division of the Dutch government, and will soon begin it’s pilot project in Holland. Following its ICO, bitJob announced their collaboration with Lemonade, an insurance company powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. Lemonade’s insurance API is set to be integrating into bitJob’s marketplace, bringing insurance policies to the students and allowing users to receive customized rates for rental and homeowner insurance.

While there is no doubt that bitJob has the potential to help students create a reliable income stream for themselves while getting valuable career experience, I am not entirely sure it needs to be on the blockchain. The application itself already offers payment in local currencies and USD and while I understand and appreciate the use of smart contracts here, I’m not yet 100% sold on what/if any additional benefits utilizing blockchain technology brings to the app.

Either way, blockchain technology is without a doubt here to stay, and bitJob has already caught the eye of both investors and students. 

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