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beyond-podSince entering into the smartphone ring, Android smartphones have managed to match Apple’s iOS devices pound for pound and punch for punch. But one area where Android has some serious ground to cover is in the realm of podcasting. After all, the word “podcast” comes from their beginnings on Apple’s iPod in the first place. So while owners of iPhones and iPads can manage their podcast subscriptions without any trouble, those with Android devices have had to try various different podcast apps that fail in one way or another. Fortunately, it seems one app called Beyond Pod might be the podcast solution Android users have been waiting for.

So what does Beyond Pod do that sets it apart? One of the most important features it offers is that, quite simply, it works. Many other podcasting apps have confusing user interfaces, or have a hard time picking up where you left off if you have to stop playback for any length of time. Beyond Pod seems—at least in all our tests—to be free of that particular problem.

Searching out new podcasts is easy, and the UI is clean and simple to understand. Flicking down from the top of the screen while listening to a podcast also provides some simple playback controls, like pause/play, and skip forward and back. Also, a time-tracking circle surrounding the pause button also gives you a clue as to how much is left of the particular show you’re listening to, eliminating the need to go all the way back into the app to see that.

The free version of Beyond Pod lets you subscribe to as many podcasts as you want, though paying $6.99 for a license will give a few more features: multiple episodes can be downloaded at once, you can play back episodes at various speeds, and you’ll get Chromecast support to boot. Another interesting feature for the premium version that’s in beta—at least at the time of this writing—is called EpisodeSync, which will keep episodes matched up across multiple devices. Those are all really nice features—but the free version is already pretty feature and function packed.

Even still, you may be so thrilled everything Beyond Pod has to offer, you’ll want to pay for the premium anyway, just to say thanks.

Key Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use UI makes finding new podcasts and playing episodes a snap.
  • Great features are available in the paid version, but the free version is strong enough to stand on its own.
  • The best part: it just works. No crashes, never loses your place. Everything you want out of a podcast manager.

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