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Here’s something I’m sure you have said at one point or another in your life, “Wouldn’t it be better if…?” at which point either people will agree or disagree with your idea.  Well, that whole premise of “wouldn’t it be better if…” has been taken and incorporated into a brand new web service called Betterific.  The site allows people to crowdsource innovation or at the very least let their ideas be heard by other people and companies who take part in the community.

Ideas that are shared on the site are called Betterifs, more specifically, a Betterif is an idea, a suggestion on how to make a product, service, or brand better (or an entirely new product that doesn’t yet exist). Betterific isn’t a place to complain about the way a product or service is, it’s about ways to improve it, constructively.

Obviously not all ideas are equal, so in order to help make sure the best ideas make it to the top, Betterific has implemented a few different features such as user voting and what they call the “Betterific Score.”  Each user is given a Betterific Score which goes from 1 to 99 and is calculated by an algorithm that looks at various factors such as how many Betterifs you submit, how they are received by the community, and how you interact with other Betterifs.

Currently, Betterific is working with a handful of companies including Arby’s, the Washington Nationals, Boloco, USA Today, and Saxby’s to help improve their product offerings. Betterific has setup individual company pages where people can post Betterifs, which can then be voted on, commented on, and shared.  In fact, the company recently announced it was holding a contest with the Washington Nationals that runs from now until August 29th.  The 5 best ideas to improve the fan experience will win tickets to an upcoming game and get to share their ideas with the Nats marketing team — pretty cool! If you’re interested in partaking in the contest head over to the Nats Betterific page.

We love feedback here at BestTechie so when Betterific reached out to us about setting up our own brand page we jumped on the opportunity.  If you’re interested in sharing Betterifs with us here at BestTechie then click on over to our Betterific page and start submitting some ideas.  Who knows… we may just end up implementing one or more of them!

If you are a brand who is interested in setting up a Betterific page, you can email them at

So what kind of ideas can you expect to find on the site?  Well, I’ve been browsing the site over the past few days and found a number of Betterifs that I totally would love to see happen. A few of my favorites:

Wouldn’t it be better if the plastic bags in cereal boxes had Ziploc tops? [link]

Wouldn’t it be better if you could cancel a button accidentally pushed on an elevator [link]

Wouldn’t it be better if your car keys vibrated when your car alarm went off? [link]

Wouldn’t it be better if all airplane seats had a USB charging slot as well as a normal outlet. [link]

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