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I have briefly mentioned in the past about a new URL shortening service that I’m launching known as  Well, I’m pleased to announce that the beta has officially launched.  The new service is joining an already growing market but I believe we can offer more than the competition.

Currently, has the following features completed and fully functional: Recent Links (saves your recently shortened links without having to register with an account), easily share your links once shortened via Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed, a simple and easy to use API so other applications and services can integrate it, Popular Links page, URL Preview method, a web browser Bookmarklet so you can shorten the URL to any web page with ease, an OSX Dashboard Widget, a Windows Application, and a Safe URLs system.  That’s just the start too!

Additionally, we also have in-depth stats and private URLs in the works.  As of now the service is still very small (obviously), but I think it can become a real competitor in this market.  I have some innovative ideas which I haven’t seen done before in the URL shortening service area so I’m hopeful. Thus far, is currently hosting 1,289 links with a total of 4,324 clicks and we’re still only a few days old.

Nonetheless, I’m looking to have integrated in applications such as Tweetie, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, etc to help widen our reach.  If you have a favorite application or web service you would like to see integrated into please leave a comment with the name of the application and/or service.

I would also like to thank (immensely) Michael Morris who is not only a good friend of mine but the master mind behind the development.  Without Michael none of this would be possible so please make sure he receives the proper credit.

Enjoy the service!  Any questions, comments, concerns, feature suggestions/requests feel free to leave them in the comments or contact me.

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