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The months leading up to a big move can be incredibly chaotic and stressful. From the stress of hiring moving companies to the challenge of adjusting to a new location, the whole experience of moving has the potential to be very negative. On the other hand, there is a lot you can do to mitigate the chaos using moving apps and online tools that are readily available and, in most cases, free.

From lifesaving packing apps to game-changing utility updaters, here’s a list of moving apps and tools you need to check out when packing up for a big move is making you feel like you’re ready to pack it in.

Don't end up like this, read our post!
Don’t end up like this, read our post!

Get Ready

Still looking for a new town? Livability is one of the best resources out there for anyone trying to find somewhere new to hang their hat. From Top 100 lists of the very best cities in the world to Top 10 lists by areas of interest (e.g., affordability, college living, health or beer), this site can help you make a smarter decision about where you’re headed next.

ForRent is the go-to website for renters looking to put down temporary or semi-permanent roots around the US. From rental calculators and other resources to searching for apartments for rent in Miami, ForRent offers an easy way to find out what rent looks like in any zip code, plus it shows what’s available right now.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few neighborhoods, AroundMe can help you explore those neighborhoods. Virtually check out the local bars and restaurants, find out what hospitals are nearby and see what there is to do around town before you make your final decision.

Get Set

The MoveAdvisor app is one of the most detailed organizational apps for movers out there. It has week by week checklists, a calendar tool, to-do lists tailored to your timeline, a home inventory, reviews of movers and explanations of each of the recommended tasks. You can even reach out to movers right in the app.

You may already have Evernote on your phone but if not, get it ASAP. With this organizational app, your whole family can stay on top of your relocation.

If yours is a military move, Base Directory can give you all the information you need about your new home base. It’s a complete database of everything from contact details and maps to what’s nearby.

Prefer to know exactly what’s in each box? Sortly is an amazing app for uber organized packing. Store pictures of each room, make lists of items in each box, and then generate printable QR code labels. When you need to know what’s in a box, just scan the label for a complete list.

Finally, if you’re worried about the weather turning bad on the big day, use Dark Sky to track what’s going on in the atmosphere right now and set alerts to let you know if gray skies are going to clear up or you need to prepare to be singing in the rain.


Updater helps you check utility switching and address updates off your to-do list, along with things like mail forwarding and new service hook ups. You can also create digital moving announcements to send to your personal network. Right now Updater is invite only but a mortgage broker or real estate agent can request access on your behalf.

Once you’re officially moved in check out Nextdoor, the community app that requires verification of your address. It’s a great way to connect with new neighbors and to learn about the best of everything around town.

You may not have a need for every one of these moving apps and tools, but the majority of them can help you create a smoother move. What it all boils down to is that during a move, whether it’s across town or across the world, you should make use of whatever tools you can to cope. Because there’s nothing like settling into a new place with everything you need at your fingertips and plenty of energy left over to get to know your new neighborhood.

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