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Mobile technology has transformed the way that we live our lives and carry out everyday tasks. Among the many apps now available, those designed to make driving easier continue to gain popularity with the public. Before you head out on your next driving adventure, handle common driving tasks with ease by using some of today’s best driving apps.

Navigation and Parking 

Getting to and from your destination no longer has to be a hassle when you use an app like Waze. Before you head out the door, check the community-based Waze app for weather conditions, road hazards, construction, accidents causing delays, and even speed traps. This free app is available from the App Store and Google Play and is the best app to use when you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

You also avoid the hassle of trying to find a parking spot when you use the free app called SpotHero. This app locates, reserves, and guarantees available parking spots for you anywhere in your area. It also lets you pay for your parking spot in advance. You avoid the frustration that comes with having to drive around while looking for a place to park.

When you want to reserve a hotel room or want to know where to find restaurants, camping grounds, and other points of interest along your way, use an app like RoadTrippers. This app also has advanced planning tools that let you string along all of the places you want to stop during your journey, taking the guesswork and confusion out of planning your next vacation.

Gas and Car Performance

gasbuddyFinding the lowest priced gas in your city or state may also be one of your priorities when driving your car. Get real time gas prices throughout the U.S. by using a free app like GasBuddy. This community-based app relies on people to update prices, letting you know where to find the cheapest gas at all times.

One important factor of safe driving involves keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Before you head out on the road, use an app like Automatic to keep track of your car’s functions like its gas mileage, engine health, and performance. This subscription-based app can also alert authorities in case you are in an accident.

When you want to head off serious car troubles before they start, you should download a free app like Blitzify. This app gives you free quotes for common car repairs. It also helps you find top-rated mechanics close to your location. This app can be used for most makes and models of cars today.


While you want to enjoy peace of mind and convenience during any trip, you ultimately want to stay safe and make sure you and your family avoid getting in an accident.

Avoid breaking the law and endangering you and your family due to distracted driving, by using an app like This app is available at no cost, although you can upgrade to a paid version for more services. It answers your phone and sends and receives texts from your cell phone so that you can keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel.

navigation-appYou can also keep your teen drivers safe while they drive with an app like MMGuardian. This app comes with a 14-day free trial and lets you control your kids’ phones from your own smartphone. You do not have to download it to your phone in order to use it. An app like MMGuardian gives parents the peace of mind of keeping their kids safe while also allowing their teenagers the freedom and experience needed to become safe and effective drivers.

Finally, maintain your own good driving record and avoid accidents by using an app like iOnRoad. Available from the App Store and Google Play, this free app monitors the road ahead of you and sends you either audible or visual alerts about possible upcoming dangers that could cause an accident. This app has been called one of the best personal driving assistants available in the virtual market. It also monitors vehicles close to your car and alerts you if they become a hazard to you or your vehicle.

Driving in today’s busy and crowded traffic conditions can take the enjoyment and peace of mind out of even the shortest of trips. You have to focus on tasks like navigating crowded streets, finding a parking space, and monitoring your gas level and car’s performance, among others. Make your next journey worry-free and easier by using these top mobile driving apps that you can download from iTunes or Google Play to your smartphone today.

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