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The Internet age has truly transformed the way that people work. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplaces are becoming commonplace across America, and many people are starting to work from home now that these devices leave them connected at all times. If you’re contemplating a life change away from the office, these digital jobs allow you to earn money from anywhere. And as you will see, they cover a wide range of disciplines, meaning you may have more options than you originally thought!

Freelance Writing & Editing

writing-jobsAll companies require copywriting and editing. From internal training materials to external marketing materials, companies communicate with their employees and the outside world at large by way of the written language. However, not all companies demand copywriting to the point where it makes sense to hire writers in a full-time capacity. This is where you come in. Leverage your network and check sites like Upwork for freelance copywriting opportunities. There are no shortage of freelance writing opportunities out there.


Video production, directing, and editing are all highly specialized skill sets. When it comes time to produce a promotional video, the odds are good that a company will not have these resources in-house (unless they are a video production company, of course), which means hiring from outside of the organization. If you are a videographer, editor, or film director, put a reel together, host it on YouTube or Vimeo (with Vimeo OnDemand, you can even sell your films directly to the consumer), and start looking for gigs. You could find that you’re able to make a living at it.


Photography is an incredibly competitive business. This is probably truer now than ever, with the advent and proliferation of digital photography and editing software. But if you’re talented and driven, you can make a career out of it (thousands of wedding photographers all across the country is proof of this). Start slowly and build your clientele through referrals. With sites like Squarespace and Tumblr, you can put together an online portfolio in minutes. Share your work with others and start offering your services.

Graphic Design


Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer are a graphic designer’s dream. Updated daily with thousands of potential projects up for grabs, all graphic designers have to do is create an account and go fishing. Even if some of the potential gigs may be under budget or on the cheap side, there’s sure to be some that meet your needs. And putting your portfolio online is easy too. Sites like Behance allow graphic designers to showcase their work without having to design and develop an entire website.


Online sales is perfect for new entrepreneurs, as it drastically reduces overhead costs. Individuals can sell their product directly to the customer without having to worry about a physical retail space. If you design and make your own apparel, or refurbish antique furniture, it is much easier (at least initially) to sell these goods online using platforms like eBay and Etsy than it is to open your own store. Of course, these platforms only work if you have something to sell! If you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start, direct sales companies like Amway provide a perfect starting off point, and make it possible to earn money almost immediately.


consultant-jobsSearch engine optimization experts, business strategists, user interface designers, and other professionals can find a lucrative career in consulting. It won’t be easy, of course; it requires hard work, years of experience, and specialized knowledge, but for those who have skills and knowhow in need, consulting can be a terrific way of earning a living. Network with former co-workers, business partners, and associates on platforms like LinkedIn, and use referrals to grow your business over time.


Like photography, blogging is a highly competitive field. The good news, however, is that startup costs are nearly non-existent. All you really need is a domain name and hosting, both of which can be bought for less than $100. Once you have those, you can start your own blog. To grow your audience, write compelling content and use social media to share it with others. As they say in The Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come (well, that’s the hope, anyway). Amass enough followers and you can monetize your blog with advertising and sales. If you don’t know where to get started, WordPress and GoDaddy are good places to look.

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